Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my first Blog posting. WOOHOO! I had one of these running on my personal website -- -- but I'm working on a total rewrite of that website so it's offline.

Let's see, some stuff about myself. I'm a nerd at heart, but now that I'm getting older (28) I'm trying to get away from the nerd personna. I created Totallynerd some 4 or more years ago, but I'm concidering a change. Idea???

Other ventures I'm working on --
- Setting up a colocated server to do web hosting (getting hardware costs now)
- Restore '55 Chevy 210 to a somewhat driveable state
- Fix-up house (been in it 18 months and haven't done crap beside replace a toilet)
- Get a life...

Well that's it for my first blog. Take care... Sam

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