With an active family I don't have much time to tackle side projects, but given I want to get more into a few areas of technology below are a few of the development projects I have in the works:

Project/Task Management System
This is a system I'll probably write in Visual Studio 2010 using C# that'll basically use Scrum to help track Projects. We have a home built system at work to track tasks, but it's not very robust so maybe this can replace it. My end result though is more to learn C# and design, draft, built, test, and finalize an application while learning along the way, so even if the end result isn't worth much I hope to learn some new skills from it.

Gopher Server for Various CMS systems
Yes, old school Gopher.  There are still LOTS of classic computer junkies or people on shower connections, so my goal here is to write a simple application in probably C or C++ to funnel content from various resources.  Here's what I'm looking at as sources thus far:
- Content Management Systems like Joomla and Wordpress
- Message Forums like phpBB
- Atom, JSON, or RSS
- XML or ASCII text file with hierarchy
- MySQL Database

This is still in the planning stages, but hopefully it'll get off the ground soon.

Last Updated 2012-03-26