About Me

If you would've asked me to describe myself 6+ years ago, I would've summed it up with one word - NERD.  Now'days at home I spend much less time in front of the computer and more time with my wonderful wife and daughter, and soon son who's due later this year.  I still love technology, but it doesn't encompass every waking moment of my life as it used to.

To the left is me and my beautiful wife...

Personal interests:
  • Being the best Dad and Husband I can be
  • Linux
  • Classic computing
  • Amateur Radio (still trying to work into the hobby)
  • Reading (mostly sci-fi)
Professional and technical interests:
  • Database Development and Administration (Microsoft SQL and MySQL)
  • Application and Web Development, mainly with PHP and C#
  • I'm an OS Whore using Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows on a daily basis, plus I have all sorts of odd-ball OSes loaded via VirtualBox like Haiku and FreeDOS
  • Computer Networking and PC Repair, though I don't get my hands into either as much as I'd like
Technical Interests in the works:
  • Working on BBA in CIS from Tarleton State University (through MCC UC)
  • Agile Project Management with SCRUM -- I love this concept!
  • Learning more about C# and Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Learning about Data Warehousing (lovin' the Ralph Kimball books)
  • Mono Develop for C# programming in Linux
  • iPhone SDK and Android SDK to get my feet with in mobile software development 
  • Get more into AJAX and HTML5 development 
Future Goals:
  • MCITP: Database Administrator or Developer Certification
    Past technical traits (things I used to be fluent in but haven't touched in a while):
    • Web Development with ColdFusion (used it for about 8 years at former job but haven't touched it in a few years)
    • Old-school Basic and Pascal programmer back in the MS-DOS days
    My sites and other ways to get in touch with me: