Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I haven't updated my site in almost 10 months

I haven't updated my site in almost 10 months, so there's a lot to add. The most recent change was buying a new house with a pool. It's not a huge pool, but big enough for me and friends to hang-out in. Plus with 1.2 acres of land, mowing is a pain.. but it's mine. No Landlord, which is great.

The webpage is being updated slowely but surely. I finally have my webcam backup, but I need to do some more tweaking to make the overlayed text easier to read. Also, the new host has a problem reading my PHP includes, so I need to change my code to fix the bugs. If you get a 'Stream does not support....' error, ignore it. I'm working on getting these resolve. Oh, and I've added a newer message board. Check it out and post some messages while you're here.

As for computers, I've finally set-up a reseller's account at www.page-zone.com and I'm hoping to start doing web programming for folks. I'm working on getting the business in order and writing some canned code to create dynamic content for folks. M$project is to rewrite my work webpage - www.hillcrest.net - in PHP and MySQL. It's currently Cold Fusion and MS SQL on Windows... but shouldn't be too hard to rewrite it for Linux.

As for me personally, nothing has changed. I dated one girl earlier this year, but it was a long distance relationship that didn't work out. Oh well.

Well, that's it for now. I know my small life is probably not worthy of a webpage, but hopefully someone will find something here to keep them occupied for a few minutes. Take care. -- Sam

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