Sunday, October 20, 2002

This is my first update to my website in almost 7 months

This is my first update to my website in almost 7 months, and many things have changed. The last post was when my grandfather died earlier this year, and that event has changed many aspects of life for the family. But all and all, things have finally started to get back to norm.

Outside of the family, I've started pursuing Linux more then ever before. I've been using Linux at home off and on for many years and switched exclusively to Linux several months ago without looking back. Other then some games I liked to play under Windows, Linux does everything I need and more. Some say Linux won't support their hardware, but if anything, it's easier to get hardware working under Linux. My digital camera, webcam, dual head video card, network card, video capture card, and flatbed scanner all work without needing downloaded drivers or applications. Also, Linux gives a much fuller Internet experience with a great interface. I couldn't ask for a better OS to use. Also, the Linux User Group has started taking off, which is great. We're finally getting a Linux presence in Waco. Check out our website - - which is hosted on a Linux box we installed at a LUG meeting.

Well, that's it for now. I know no one reads this site, but for those that accidently run across it, I'll try to keep things updated more. Later.

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