Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back To School

I've been taking classes on and off for a number of years now, and about two years ago I finally settled on this program at UT Brownsville which is offered through McLennan Community College here in Waco:

Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Computer Information System Technology (CIST)
The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) Degree Plan in PDF
The BAT CIST track prepares individuals for various employments in industry, business, banking, and other services or fields where computer related knowledge, competencies and skills are essential. The student will complete the core curriculum plus up to an additional 35 credit hours in a related technical field at MCC. The UTB BAT CIST will then require an additional 36-37 upper-level credit hours from UTB, which are 100% online.
I started taking the basics on this track and only lack like two classes, then this year MCC added this program which honestly to me looks MUCH more appealing:
Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems
Tarleton State University (TSU) Degree Plan in PDF
Tarleton is offering the Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. This 120-hour degree program emphasizes support courses by including a variety of business disciplines, including computer information systems, general business, finance, management, and marketing areas. Graduates of this degree program have been awarded jobs in many areas such as database administrators, network analysts, programmers, technology directors, and IT specialists. 
I haven't talked to a councilor with TSU yet but I will soon since I really hope to get back into school this Fall.  The basics are pretty much the same except that I'd need like two classes of Phys Ed (???) but I'm afraid the BBA degree won't take into account my work history like the BAT degree does which if that's the case this would mean an extra 30 hours for the BBA through TSU.  I'll find out whenever I speak with someone at TSU.

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