Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Been months since my last post --- lots of changes

It's been about 5 months since my last post, and there've been lots of changes on the home front since then.  The biggest being our son was born in September, and being 3 months old now he's an amazing little guy.

Some drama though is the week we brought him home we found our new house to be overrun by Fire Ants!  Our bug guy has been awesome, but given they're coming in through the foundation where the pipes enter the house inside the wall voids it's hard to really stomp them.  So 3 months later and they're still around, but thus far they're isolated to the master bath.  I'm hoping we'll find some combination of something that works since their presence is driving me nuts.

Also our washing machine sprung a leak in October which flooded a small portion of the house.  Though financially we took at hit we decided to just upgrade all the floors in the house to something nicer than what we had plus we tiled the kitchen and entry hallway which is SUPER nice.

But all and all the new house is working out great and granted we can get the ant problem resolved I can't wait for 2011!

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Tom said...

Dear Sam,

I work for a TV company based in London , UK. We are currently producing a series for Animal Planet called 'Infested!', which tells the stories of ordinary people who fall victim to extreme pest infestations.

I read your blog post about the problems you have had with fire ants and I would really love to chat with you about this if possible. Is this something you would be happy to discuss?

If yes, you can email me back at or call me on 00 44 207 482 7027.

Either way, have a lovely day,

Emily Evans-Thirlwell

Darlow Smithson Productions
Animal Planet