Saturday, December 08, 2001

I've added many new items to the site this weekend

I've added many new items to the site this weekend. The first thing I've added is a Webcam - "The Sam Cam". Yes, his is a peak into the life of a total nerd who spends an average of 10-12 hours being bombarded by radiation and getting a monitor tan.

I've also finally added a counter to the bottem of each page. It's written in PHP and set to not bump up with ever refresh from the same IP. So hit that F5 all you want... it won't be fooled :).

Finally, I've got my Linux box reloaded. I was getting an error when starting xfs on my linux box with X Server. I did find a solution, but only after I attempted to reinstall the xfs RPM's and hosed KDE. Instead of trying to totally uninstall and reinstall X, I just did a reinstall of the OS. I also helped Tod get Linux RH 7.2 loaded on his PC. It's a 200, but SCREAMS!!!

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